From the Yeti’s World: Ghost of the Himalayas - 5E

Publisher : Explore Wild India Magazine Group Himachal Pradesh
Category : Education , Biology
Language : English
Frequency : MONTHLY

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Explore Wild India is a Monthly Wildlife Science Magazine. Inspiring you to explore wild india and also work for wildlife conservation.

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India's Premium wildlifeindia Magazine .Explore Wild India is a National Wildlife Science Magazine Recognized by Govt of India under RNI. Graphic and Designed Developed By Devesh Kumar.

Now in this Edition: ^From the Yeti’s World: Ghost of the Himalayas - you will explore the mountain regions of India. You will come to know how India has a large diversity in its fauna. With unique information on behavior, habitat and specific conservation, Explore Wild India Magazine have come with - From the Yeti’s World: Ghost of the Himalayas: Yash Adukia. This Issue provides comprehensive information about the species of mammals and birds including several endangered species, which are found in mountain regions or Himalayan regions of India. Each species is described in detail with data on #habitat, IWPA status, storytelling & categories. All of these make the magazine suitable for those who want to study wildlife science or biology.

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