Bird’s biology- Basic Study - 3rd - 04

Publisher : Explore Wild India APP
Category : BIOLOGY
Language : English
Frequency : MONTHLY

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India's Premium #wildlifeindia Magazine. Explore Wild India is a National Wildlife Science Magazine Recognized by Govt of India under RNI. Graphic and Designed Developed By Devesh Kumar.

In this Edition, we are talking about- Bird’s biology and much more. In this edition, we have focused on birds species which are found in the multiple regions of India. On the cover: The Kashmir flycatcher, photographed by Sheikh Harris. In our 'People' section, "Unprotected Wetlands of Ayodhya - paradise unexplored” article by Yashmita-Ulman. In the Region “Asia” section, “The capped langur, photographed by Supriya Harindrawar”. In our 'Special Mention' section, ”Asian Barred owlet by Arkajita Pal”.

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