Explore Wild India - JULY 2020 - Volume 03 ED 04

Publisher : Young Global Publications
Category : Education , Biology
Language : English
Frequency : MONTHLY

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Explore Wild India is a Monthly Wildlife Science Magazine. Inspiring you to explore wild india and also work for wildlife conservation.

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India's Premium #wildlifeindia Magazine .Explore Wild India is a National Wildlife Science Magazine Recognized by Govt of India under RNI.

In this Edition you will explore the jungles of India’s North-east region. You will come to know how India contributes a large diversity in its fauna. We have come with a study of wildlife biology, Now you can learn about wildlife science through our magazine. In this Edition you will see the photo of Indian muntjac by Dipantar Borah from Pakke Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh, An Interview with Moumita chakraborty about the status of Himalayan Red Panda in India.

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