Jungle Outlook

  • 30 Jan, 2019
  • By Admin

I had clicked this picture in the year 2014. I was on a safari at Kanha tiger Reserve. The dawn had just broken and sunlight was breaking through the woods enlightening the fog, and there came a point where I saw a baby spotted deer coming grazing beside the road it moved forward and came on the road! It stood like a King with the nature appreciating its presence! Foggy forest in the background and gilded sunlight from one side making it look glorious! I captured the picture from the moving vehicle, but somehow I was able to capture the moment!

Ravneesh Singh Klair

rsklair19@iifm.ac.in  |  ravneesh.singh.1993@gmail.com

PGDFM 2017-19  |  17035

Indian Institute of Forest Management

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