The Bamboo Eater Book

  • 28 Jul, 2019
  • By Admin

Red Pandas are truly jewels of Himalayas as well as they are the pride of our nation especially of Northeast Himalayan India. People always think about Asiatic lions, Bengal Tigers and One horn Rhinos but they never think about them. Like Red Pandas Where they evolved from? – What they Eat? Where they live? How they are the parts of ecological ecosystem? Red Panda is also called as “Bamboo Eater”. Red Panda: A Glimpse of Himalaya - The Bamboo Eater biology Science #book on #RedPanda written by Devesh kumar - Traveling across the country and collecting information about red panda he has tried his best to put all needed information about #redpanda in his book and their #redpandaconservation . Even he has written possibilities how we can save them under Red Panda Conservation Programmes!

Book  is Certified by Govt of India Under ISBN Department 

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