• 25 Mar, 2019
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Time has now come to save these beautiful creatures and also need protection to save them”. I love leopards in comparison to other animals. I love them more in comparison to tigers and Asiatic lions. I read Kenneth Anderson books “Tales from the Indian Jungle” is one of them. Leopards are killed by people presently more due to human – animal conflicts. We have to work together to save these adorable species like we are doing for Tigers and Asiatic lions. Every Species plays its part to maintain ecological balance. Due to deforestation and movement of people to their habitat, they are badly affected. Leopards are the pride of our nation. Their habitats are shrinking day by day due to movement of people into forests or jungles. Remember Rudyard Kipling mentioned black leopard Bagheera in the jungle of Seoni Madhya Pradesh in his famous novel “The Jungle Book” but now if you want to see black leopards you have to visit Kabini, you can see them in Tadoba too. Even scientists have found black leopard in Pakke Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh. They are truly the pride of our Country. They really remind us the beautiful Wildlife of India. India is a beautiful country rich in flora and fauna. You can see Snow Leopards in Ladakh and also in Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh. I did not want to write article’s name “The Last Leopards of India” but due to their continuous habitat ‘s destruction we may lose them one day that’s why we have to work for conservation of them, So our future generation can see them with their naked eyes and do research on them like we are doing . It’s a voice of leopards from all over Indian jungles to save them. I highlight some major issues in this article to save them we have to keep stories of Kenneth Anderson - alive forever in our jungles.


Devesh Kumar is the Editor and Founder of Explore Wild India Magazine which is registered by Govt of India under RNI. He is the Wildlife Researcher too currently working on Red Panda Study Research under Explore Wild India Research Programme.



Photo : Patanjali Somayaji 

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