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  • 01 Mar, 2019
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Trevor Frost talks about himself & wildlife, Recently Trevor Frost has been Interviewed By Explore Wild India‘s Editor Devesh Kumar.

What is your opinion about Wildlife Conservation?

I think we are failing to protect wild places and wildlife. And so one of the reasons I chose to work on a multiyear project on snakes with Paul Rosolie is that we both felt there was a great chance of creating impact because we are starting with a creature is widely hated and persecuted. No better place to start than the bottom!

How King Cobra is different from other snakes?

It is by far the most intelligent snake in the world. It has a dignity, and true to its name, it is noble. You feel as if you can develop a rapport, an understanding with the king. It has a confidence and presence I’ve haven’t found in any other snake I’ve photographed.

Have you ever visited Agumbe Rainforest?

I have not but I intend to visit later this year. I’d love very much to meet some of the scientists who have studied king cobras.

Tell us some facts about King Cobra?

One very exciting fact is that female king cobras build nests and defend them. And male King cobras will fight. Most important fact I’d like to share through my work though is that snakes , especially large intelligent ones, don’t do well when relocated far from their original home. I think if we can communicate this fact in a open, helpful way with the snake rescue community and the government we can ensure many rescued snakes, especially king cobras , don’t die from stress of moving far from their home.

Trevor Frost 

Trevor Frost  is a photographer, filmmaker and Explorer.

Photo : Paul Rosolie

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