• 18 Oct, 2019
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Manasa Raghuram talks about herself & wildlife, Recently Manasa Raghuram has been Interviewed By Explore Wild India's Editor Devesh Kumar.

1. When did you first realize to Select Wildlife Photography?

- I believe that wildlife photography is a logical evolution of genuine love for wildlife. Of course it can be argued that there are photographers for whom getting a good picture matters more than the well being of animals, but for people who fall in love with wildlife first and then take up photography, photography is only a medium to showcase what they love. I’ve been traveling to jungles for many years now, but have only recently taken up photography about a year ago. Would love to create the love for wildlife through my images and urge people to understand the need to protect nature and wildlife.

2. What is your opinion about Indian Wildlife Conservation?

- India has clearly seen some success in conserving our forests and the wildlife that inhabits them. The success story of Project Tiger is a testament to this. However, it must be remembered that most of this success came from the 1970s to early 2000s. More recently as our population has exploded and human animal conflicts are a commonplace thing, we have failed to tackle this issue and more often than not we run into armchair conservationists who talk but don’t act. We really need people with their feet firmly on the ground who understands minor intricacies of conservation.

3. Kabini or Bandhavgarh which one you prefer to shoot wildlife?

- I think every forest has its fair share of uniqueness, and beauty which always fascinates me. Bandhavgarh is clearly my favorite for its high density of tigers, and for the fact that I’ve seen my most tigers there, but south jungles such as Kabini and Bandipur offer more variety in terms of wildlife sightings especially in the monsoons. I also absolutely love the unique Sal habitat in Kanha.

4 . 3 things not many people know about you??

- One: I paint. And more recently, I have been trying to combine my love for art and wildlife, and have begun painting wildlife.

Two: I’ve learned to sing from professionals, and still like to find time to record.

Three: A software engineer currently working as an Investment Promotion Manager for IT/Fintech sector with Government of Andhra Pradesh.


This is my first published interview! And I’m super excited. So thanks for the opportunity, it’s been a real pleasure - MANASA RAGHURAM

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