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  • 02 Jan, 2021
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We have to save Red Panda's natural home - which lies in eastern Himalayas also we have to work hard for their conservation, welfare & protection.

(50 % Population declined in last <20 Years)


"Himalayan Red Panda represents the proud of eastern Himalayas - the local villagers (people) of Sikkim, Darjeeling & Arunachal Pradesh are also depending upon the habitat of red panda zone for their livelihoods, so we have to work hard for saving their natural habitat zone, then only they can live peacefully in the Jungle."

Reasons why we should save the Red Panda?

>Red pandas are prime species as they are the pride of eastern Himalayas by saving them, we will contribute for a healthy ecosystem for our planet earth.

>They are good indicators for the forests where they are found as, they are also an umbrella species.

>They also help in protection of Global Biodiversity Hotspots.

Let's join hands and save these species.


Donate for Red Panda here at: & make a difference.

Author: Devesh Kumar ⎹ Cover Photo: Shivendra Singh Proudly Supporting Red Panda Network

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