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  • 04 Feb, 2019
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Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) Listed as Endangered Species in the list of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Their population is estimated less than 10,000 mature individuals .It is declared as “State Animal of Sikkim “. The First published name of Red Panda was credited by Frederic Cuvier 1825. Panda actually the named derived from Nepalese Word “ponya” (Bamboo Eater). According to Research and study - Red panda is a unique carnivore that has adapted to (herbivore) found mostly in the sub Himalayan states of North East. Preferred altitudinal range of 2300 - 4000m.

Red Panda Diet – Bamboo (Most Like), Roots, acorns, lichen and fruits etc.

“In India Sikkim, Darjeeling and Arunachal Pradesh where red panda are most found. It also known as Red cat beer. It continues decline due to habitat loss - fragmentation and poaching.


Sometimes they are killed by Clouded Leopard and Feral Dogs - also decline due to their habitat loss and loss of nesting trees.

Red Panda lifespan – 14 years ( 8 -9 Years in Wild ) . They got mature at age of 18 Months( I.6 Years) . Male Red Panda’s are approximately 19 percent larger than females.

They are shy in Nature live in high altitude temperate forests of the Himalayas. They like to live alone. We have focused Red Panda Image on our Cover page of DECEMBER Issue to raise awareness about Red Panda as they are remains fewer in wild. Some of the major zoo’s where they are live in captive - Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park- has successful captive breeding programs of Red Pandas in India and Himalayan Zoological Park Sikkim.

Conservation status: Endangered

Scientific name: Ailurus fulgens

Family: Ailuridae

Order: Carnivora

Class: Mammalia

Sikkim’s Jungle is the home of the Red Panda where they are found in wild.

Status – Schedule – 1 of Wildlife Protection Act 1972

Both in situ and ex –situ Conservation are followed to save these beautiful animals.


Devesh Kumar is the Editor and Founder of Explore Wild India Magazine which is registered by Govt of India under RNI. He is the Wildlife Researcher too currently working on Red Panda Research Study under Explore Wild India Research Programme.



Image ©2018 Suvrat Sehgal | Red Panda in Sikkim


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