Interview with Devesh Kumar by Ritika Rajpurohit

  • 26 Sep, 2019
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1.How do you see India as a Wildlife Country?

India is a vast country in wildlife whether it’s Dachigam of Jammu and Kashmir or Kabini of Karnataka and Himalayas of Sikkim we have all kinds of flora and fauna. We should feel proud that we live in this beautiful country where we treat elephant as our Lord Ganesha, Sloth bear as Lord Jamwant, Wild Boar as Lord Varha. India is a country containing nearly more than 110 national parks and 542 wildlife sanctuaries.


2. How you came across this (Pope’s Pit Viper) wonderful shot?

I was on trip with my father and my mother of northeast India when I reached near Living Root bridges in Meghalaya I found in a hollow of tree something shining when I look there I found a Green pope’s pit viper just resting in a hollow of tree it was great moment for me as a wildlife lover and researcher to photograph this rare species of snake.


3. Singhalila or Kanchenjunga which one you prefer to explore and photograph Red Panda?

My answer will be Kanchenjunga I will choose Kanchenjunga National Park because exploring and photographing red panda in Singhalila is very common everyone know about this place is for red panda. Kanchenjunga lies in Sikkim and containing a very suitable habitat niche zone for Red Pandas. The Bamboo Eater book is completely based on Red Panda biology I have done a lot of hard work to complete this book, Red Pandas which are jewels of Himalayas are pride of our country.


4. Why you against photographing Red Pandas in wild?

I am not against photographing Red Pandas in wild; I want only to say that let them be safe in wild in their natural habitat zone. People always photograph them in wild not because they care about them – they only want to do this for getting famous and for benefits which is very shameful thing or act in my view. Whenever people capture the photo of species in their particular natural habitat they are creating a serious problem for that particular species because they share the essential details or information with hunters unknowingly. Just post your photos without share any essential info.

5. Tell us some lines about you?

Firstly I am Shree Radha Krishna Devotee Secondly I love Wildlife.

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Devesh Kumar Krishnavanshi is a wildlife biologist, Red Panda Ecologist as well as Founder of Explore Wild India Magazine. He is the Author of Red Panda: the Bamboo Eater. He is also an editor of Explore Wild India Magazine, Currently studying on Himalayan biodiversity Project under EWI Research Programme 2019.



Ritika Rajpurohit is a Speaker and helper of Explore Wild India Magazine. She is a Student of Biological Science currently working with EWI Research Unit.



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