Shades of Eastern Himalayas

  • 06 Oct, 2019
  • By Admin

Feature: Himalayan Biodiversity

The Day 2 Jinx, I would not like to break it.


We departed early and were headed towards the beautiful and decorated Thrumshing La pass, which is at a height of 4500 ft and is the second-highest mountain pass in Bhutan. The pass is adorned by the pristine coniferous pine #habitat and is part of the Phrumsengla National Park. The skies were very clear and the sun was blazing at 7.00AM. The snow clad #mountain peaks were trying to kiss the blue sky which was a scene to behold.

When we reached the top of the pass, it was 3 Degrees and I did not want to get out of the car since it was chilly and windy also. But to my happy discomfort, we met some #BloodPheasants who were ready for a photo-shoot. The habitat was superlative, the ambience was perfect and the subject could not have been better. I just obliged to take some pictures of them. One of the most co-operative birds I met on the trip, this guy was feeding and probably was in search of a partner. He posed at different places and extended full co-operation. We got opportunities to shoot him in sunlight, on a wooden log, tree stump, infinite background and everything a wildlife lover could have asked for. It was bone-chilling cold and still we managed to get some wonderful photographs of this specimen.

I thank the almighty for having created such brilliant fauna.

Hail #Bhutan and the #wildlife of the Northeast. I hope people in the North-East states of #India also realize the value of such wonderful beings and stop the #poaching and killing.

Photo and Text: Subramanya C


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