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Explore Wild India is a National Magazine Recognized by Govt of India under RNI. It is presented by WIF India Society Group all over India, Founded by Devesh Kumar in 2018.



The time has now come to save our wildlife and nature. This message is for all wildlife lovers and people. India as a country has a home of wildlife; we have approximately 120 National Parks and around 500 wildlife sanctuaries out of which 50 are governed by Project Tiger. Sadly today many of our birds, animals, reptiles are getting endangered day by day. The wildlife and nature are being destroyed by human activities and also poaching, illegal – trade, hunting are increasing day by day. Now Time has come to take the major steps being a responsible citizen of India, we all have to stand with our wildlife. It is requested to all members / supporters / wildlife lovers to educate people & bring awareness about wildlife and nature conservation and also to make donation to wildlife.

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Explore Wild India is a Monthly Wildlife Science Magazine. Inspiring you to explore wild india and also work for wildlife conservation.

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